22 August 2008

Litorina acquires Textilia

Litorina acquires Textilia, a leading washing and textile services provider with customers mainly within the healthcare and nursing sectors. The Textilia group has revenues of ca SEK 320 million and is divested by Bure Equity.

Textilia was founded in 1997 and has over the years focused its business on washing and textile services and is today the market leading textile services provider to the public sector in Sweden. Textilia offers its textile services throughout Sweden from its four production units located in Karlskrona, Örebro, Rimbo and Långsele.

– Textilia intends to remain as the preferred private choice for a public sector seeking a modern, trusted and environmentally responsible textile services partner. We are looking forward to further refining Textilia’s offering in co-operation with Litorina, says Tomas Bergström, CEO of the Textilia group.

– Litorina takes over a well managed group that over the last years has developed its service offering. Textilia has an important function to fill within washing services, primarily to the healthcare and nursing sectors. In collaboration with its customers, there are opportunities for Textilia to further develop its role. We feel a great commitment to, together with Textilia’s management, further strengthen the Textilia group, says Paul Steene, Partner at Litorina Capital Advisors, investment advisor to Litorina Kapital III.

For further information, please contact:

Paul Steene (+46 8 545 181 80), Litorina Kapital
Tomas Bergström (+46 70 317 80 92), Textilia

Litorina Kapital, founded in 1998, is a private equity firm that focuses on acquiring and industrially developing small to medium-sized primarily Swedish companies. Litorina offers broad and deep expertise via its own organization as well as through its network of industrial advisors. Litorina Capital Advisors AB acts as an investment advisor to Litorina’s third fund, Litorina Kapital III LP, which is currently in an active investment phase. Litorina Kapital is backed by a number of venerable and reputable Swedish and international institutions who have together invested approximately SEK 2,400 million in Litorina Kapital’s three funds. For more information please see www.litorina.se

Textilia is, with its four production units in Långsele, Rimbo, Örebro and Karlskrona, the leading textile services provider to the public sector in Sweden. Textilia offers innovative solutions, high efficiency, good quality, and takes far-reaching responsibility for providing clean textiles at all times to personnel and other textile users, enabling them to focus on their main tasks. Textilia’s customers include the county councils of Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland, Dalarna, Stockholm, Kronoberg and Blekinge, and a large number of municipalities. Textilia’s operations are decentralized managed, where the local production units take care of customer relationships. The company head quarters located in Örebro provides services within finance, HR, and IT.